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December 24th, 2008
11:44 am


2008 1224 - Coming attractions
Whoops, a bit behind, long post ahead:

Gamesarefun has a listing of upcoming Nintendo lineup for Winter 2009. I've taken the liberty of highlighting the things that I believe may not completely suck or are of at least moderate interest (sadly, it's a small chunk of a big list, and I'm being rather generous on some of them). Still noticeably absent from the DS list are Sigma Harmonics and Tales of Hearts >(. Lemme know if there's something worth highlighting that I missed.

Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Disney Interactive Studios)--Winter
Neighborhood Games (THQ)--January 5
Paws & Claws Pet Resort (THQ)--January 5
Fishing Master World Tour (Hudson)--January 6
Deer Drive (Mastiff)--January 20
SimAnimals (Electronic Arts)--January 27
Coraline (D3Publisher)--January
Escape the Museum (Majesco)--January
Word Jong Party (Destineer)--January
NASCAR Kart Racing (Electronic Arts)--February 10
Brave: A Warrior's Tale (Southpeak)--February 17
Little King's Story (Marvelous)--February 17
Roogoo Twisted Towers (Southpeak)--February 17
Battle Rage (Destineer)--February
Cradle of Rome (Destineer)--February
House of the Dead: Overkill (Sega)--February
Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers (D3Publisher)--February
Puzzle Challenges and More! (Crave)--February
Solitaire & Mahjong (Crave)--February
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Ubisoft)--February
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball (Southpeak)--March 17
Monsters vs. Aliens (Activision)--March 24
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director's Cut (Ubisoft)--March
Burger Island (Destineer)--March
Cate West: The Vanishing Files (Destineer)--March
Crayola Colorful World (Crave)--March
DanceDanceRevolution Disney Grooves (Konami)--March
Madworld (Sega)--March
Major Minor's Majestic March (Majesco)--March
Monster Pals (Crave)--March
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (Nintendo)--March
New Play Control! Pikmin (Nintendo)--March

Play the World (Dreamcatcher)--March
Rune Factory Frontier (Marvelous)--March
Sonic and the Black Knight (Sega)--March
We Ski & Snowboard (Namco Bandai)--March
Super Pick Ups (XS Games)--Q1
Trivial Pursuit (Electronic Arts)--Early spring
Marble Saga Kororinpa (Hudson)--Spring

Nintendo DS

Phineas and Ferb (Disney Interactive Studios)--Winter
Paws & Claws Pampered Pets (THQ)--January 5
Big Bang Mini (Southpeak)--January 6
Retro Game Challenge (XSEED)--January 6
Personal Trainer: Math (Nintendo)--January 12
Moon (Mastiff)--January 13
World Championship Games (The Game Factory)--January 19
SimAnimals (Electronic Arts)--January 27
Coraline (D3Publisher)--January
Drivers' Ed Portable (Dreamcatcher)--January
Inkheart (Dreamcatcher)--January
Jake Power Fireman (Ubisoft)--January
Jake Power Policeman (Ubisoft)--January
Learn Math (Dreamcatcher)--January
Monster Band (Dreamcatcher)--January
Powerbike (Majesco)--January
USA Today Puzzle Craze (Destineer)--January
Wonder World Amusement Park (Majesco)--January
My World, My Way (Atlus)--February 3
Legacy of Ys: Books I & II (Atlus)--February 10
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Nintendo)--February 16

Brave: Shaman's Challenge (Southpeak)--February 17
Jagged Alliance (Empire Interactive)--February 17
My Fashion Studio Paris Collection (Ubisoft)--February 17
Roogoo Attack (Southpeak)--February 17
Avalon Code (Marvelous)--February
Imagine Cheerleader (Ubisoft)--February
Imagine Family Doctor (Ubisoft)--February
JoJo's Fashion Show (Ubisoft)--February
Music Star: Pop Star (Dreamcatcher)--February
My DoItAll (Tomy)--February
My Personal Diary (Dreamcatcher)--February
Petz Horseshoe Ranch (Ubisoft)--February
Zoo Quest (Dreamcatcher)--February
American Popstar - Road to Celebrity (Gameloft)--March 9
Animal Planet (Activision)--March 10
Chicken Hunter Star Karts (MumboJumbo)--March 10
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Rockstar Games)--March 17
Trackmania DS (Atlus)--March 17
Pokémon Platinum (Nintendo)--March 22
American Popstar - Road to Celebrity (Ubisoft)--March 24
Monsters vs. Aliens (Activision)--March 24
Pimp My Ride 2 (Activision)--March 24
Broken Sword: Shadows of the Templars Director's Cut (Ubisoft)--March
DinoPets (Destineer)--March
Dreamer: Top Model (Dreamcatcher)--March
Flower, Sun, and Rain (Marvelous)--March
Hot n' Cold (Majesco)--March
Imagine Ice Champions (Ubisoft)--March
Jake Power Handyman (Ubisoft)--March
Learn Chess (Dreamcatcher)--March
Matchstick (Dreamcatcher)--March
Monster Pals (Crave)--March
Paint by DS (Dreamcatcher)--March
Sarah: Keeper of the Unicorn (Dreamcatcher)--March
Zubo (Electronic Arts)--March
Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero (Konami)--Q1
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (Electronic Arts)--Q1
Little Magician's Magic Adventure (Konami)--Q1
Our House (Majesco)--Q1
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (D3Publisher)--Q1
Suikoden Tierkreis (Konami)--Q1

Dragon Master (Dreamcatcher)--April
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Square Enix)--Spring

8-Bit Jesus is a pretty impressive album by one Doctor Octoroc. If it twere just another 8-bit chiptune holiday album, it wouldn't be worth mentioning, but this one takes each song and has it arranged in the style of a specific game. Some of them sound a bit off, or hard to recognize, but some of them are rather ingenius, though often it requires knowledge of both source song and game to really appreciate some of them. The Icarus and Metroid ones are my favourite.

For those of you interested in 428, the perfect visual novel are in luck. Despite terrible sales (what's with you, Japan? You don't buy good games), an anime named CANAAN is being produced to be sold at Comiket 75. Bad news is that it's based on the half of the game that's produced by Type-Moon (Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night) rather than Chunsoft, and I hear that half is far less awesome.

Square Enix hits up the iPhone all cool too: Crystal Defenders is a sprite based FF themed tower defense game. Way freaking cool move, Squeenix; sometimes you make me smile.

In an effort to make Street Fighter IV not only a clone of SFII, but also a clone of SFZ2 (and SSFII), they've added Gen and Rose for the home release (previously announced were Dan, Sakura, Fei-Long and Cammy). They continue to hate on SFIII.

Claymore ~Kinme no Majou~
<Clamore ~The Silver-Eyed Witch~> seems to be a fantasy-themed sidescrolling beat-em-up for DS. Unfortunate prerendered graphics though.

Possible retraction: Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor might not be an SLG after all? I'm not sure, but one of the screens here has the traditional first person MegaTen fight (I would've preferred Persona 1/2 3rd person isometric though.) The site lists the game as a "Simulation RPG", which could mean anything (strategic sim, date sim, all the same)

Those of you who play Dissidia Final Fantasy might be interested to know that GPara has posted some passwords for some crap. I dunno. Here's the info:
Friend Card "Behemoth"
Aries Recipe
Dunno what all that means.

The last boss of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is taken from the Okami universe, something called Tokoyami no Hoshi <Star of Eternal Darkness> or something. Is this awesome? I dunno, haven't played the game myself. Looks vaguely lazy though. It's a big ball.

Kazeiro Surf is a PS2 ADV with moderately nice character design (a bit dude-heavy though), with moderately steampunky seaplanes.

Some screens of Final Fantasy IV The After ~Tsuki no Kikan~, which look suitably faithful.

I'm not sure what Baby Princess is (I'm not even sure it's a game, it was just on Dengeki), but it sort of reminds me of like, a next generation Sister Princess, with a far creepier name.

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December 21st, 2008
09:37 pm


Now Playing/Coming Attractions 2008 1221
Now playing
Tales of Hearts is a lot of fun. Yes, I'll admit I'm totally enamoured by big bright 2D sprites; but also the traditional Tales fightings system is a lot of fun. Sort of annoyed that they stole my idea of a giant paintbrush wielding witch. Darm. Looks like there's rumours of an English version... I'll be looking forward to it.

Phantasy Star ZERO
is also lots of fun, but hard as hell. Every time I start these games, I always want to start using a loli elf mage or a loli robot gunner, but then I remember that I hate magic and guns, and I'd much rather run in with a sword. Shame about the crippled character creation though; I really miss making my dudes gigantic fatsos or tiny midgets.

Coming Attractions
Summon Night X ~Tears CROWN~ is, breaking tradition once again, a traditional RPG rather than a strategy game. It's also for DS, yay! Art looks sorta like Kohaku Kuroboshi's, but I can't be sure, his style's changed a lot since I used to follow it. Looks pretty and fun.

Speaking of which, I still can't figure out who the artist for Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor is, and it's bothering me because I'm sure I've seen the style before.

I've never heard of Demon's Souls, but it evokes the sort of dark empty fantasy feel of early PS1 games I remember (King's Field, Deception, etc)

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December 19th, 2008
12:22 pm


Snow day/coming attractions 2008 1219
It's been a while since I've seen snow go horizontally. It's a snow day, so I have lots of time to check out news.

Square's Tears of Bahamut looks really rad. I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I'm told it's a multiplayer DS action RPG with 2D sprites on a 3D background, and based on the screenshots, the point is to run around and defeate a gigantic (we're talking Shadow of the Colossus/FSM of War gigantic) boss. Every part of that sentence was awesome, I really hope they don't screw this one up. First page is introduction and the battle with Gigant, second page is the battle with Ifrit.

Bandai-Namco's Destiny Links (is there an abbreviation for that? BanNam?) which seems to be a nautical themed action RPG that looks... well... like the good old SNES days. Looks wonderful (I especially like the cute little boats). I would be looking forward to it more, if it weren't for the fact that BanNam (hee) has a bad track record of translating their DS RPGs (as in, not doing so at all)... There's a PV at the bottom of the first link.

Atlus is translating Genmu no Tou to Tsurugi no Okite as Dark Spire, which I remember seeing but didn't write about in the past. It's a oldschool dungeon crawler (red: Etrianlike) that pretends to be based on an older game (that never existed). The art design is wonderful, and the music is quite rad too. But I'm not sure if I can handle another Etrian. Worth taking a look though. The first link is the announcement, but the second link has a lot more information on the game itself.

D3Publisher's making omething called Saru Saru <Approximately Saru Monkey, or may be translated something to something insipid along the lines of 'Munkie Monkey'> for DS, which looks like some sort of ludicrously cute caveman raising sim? I know they're put together from different parts, but nice spritework nonetheless

Next in a line of interesting top pages by GPara; I don't know what's going on, but they're talking about the possibility a of a "Sexy Dancing" game for Wii.
EDIT: second link is what they're talking about, Peekaboo Pole Dancing, an 'excercise equipment' company promoted by Carmen Electra, is making a Wii game. I'll let them speak for themselves.
Press release wrote:
Peekaboo and its partners are focussed on using Wii friendly hardware to make aerobic pole dancing instantly accessible just as Guitar Hero did for rock’n’roll.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes will be encouraged to work on improving their skills, with the firm focus on fun and fitness as per the core brand values of Nintendo Wii.


Hay Harold, Sangoku Musou 5 Empires was announced. You're the guy who makes those right? Congrats!

Pictures of Gyakuten Saiban -Yomigaeru Shinjitsu- <Turnabout Courtroom: Revival of Truth>, aka Phoenix Wright the Musical. Includes pictures of (they use the English names, for some reason, I guess they're implying that they're not the ACTUAL characters, but were too lazy to come up with new names) Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and someone named Leona Clyde.

Screenshots and things.
Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor
FRAGILE ~Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo~
LittleBigPlanet MGS4 pack
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
Tenchu 4
Seventh Dragon
Biohazard 5

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December 18th, 2008
01:28 am


Coming Attractions 20081218
Konami loves the iPod, it seems, as they're bringing a bunch of their most beloved franchises to the platform. Check out screens of Metal Gear Solid Touch, Dance Dance Revolution S Lite, Frogger, and Silent Hill: The Escape. Metal Gear just looks like a shooting gallery, I hope they don't disappoint.


Wiiware game Popple and the Magic Crayon looks like a PS1 game, but also JUST strange enough for me to be somewhat interested. 800 Wii Points.

Online Action PC Game Makyou Kidan <Strange Tales of Hauntings> has ridiculously cute art.

People like weird things, right? To promote LittleBigPlanet's Christmas promotion in Japan, they had the "little" Yuguchi Mari (148cm, 4'10") posing with the "big" Choi Hong-man (218cm, 7'2"), and I guess along with human-sized Sackboy for good measure? All four news sites I troll have pictures!

Anyone want to see a Japanese commercial for the PSN release of Settlers of Catan?

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December 16th, 2008
10:08 pm


I've decided to try to stop using the forums as a means to put up all the useless thoughts and information I find throughout the day. I lie, I'll probably still post there, but it'll also be over here, as a sort of archive. Maybe it'll encourage me to actually use this space as well. But for now, consider this your source for all news that's pertinent to the field of things-that-Leo-is-interested-in. So without further ado.

Apparently, according to Gpara news, Bush's Boot Camp, some crappy flash game, deserves their top story slot; so it obviously deserves mine too.

Nintendo releases a bunch of screenshots of their first bunch of DSiWare titles. Sorta exciting if I weren't violently against this system (lack of a GBA slot, people, seriously). MJB can download these, yay.
- Ugoku Memo Chou <Moving Memo Pad> seems to be just that.
200 Points
- Chotto Magic Taizen <Quick Magic Encyclopedia> is a series of three games, each being a mini game/tool and also a magic trick. Their titles are 3tsu Shuffle Game <3 Shuffle Games, duh>, Funny Face, and Osoroshii Suuji <Terrible Math>
- Kami Hikouki <Paper Airplane> is the paper airplane game from Warioware, the original one
- Tori to Mame <Bird and Seeds> is Pyoro from the original Warioware, name probably changed to avoid copyright infringement on Kyoro-chan
500 Points
- Art Style AQUARIO and Art Style DECODE seem to be artsy puzzle games, along the vein of bitGenerations
- Utsusu! Made in Wario <Photograph! Made in Wario> looks sort of like old Gameboy Camera/EyeToy games, where you need to match a subject up to places on screen
- Chotto Dr. Mario <Quick Dr. Mario>, is... ummm, Dr. Mario...
- Chotto Asobi Taizen: Otegaru Trump <Quick Game Encyclopedia: Simple Trump> is a collection of five card games
800 Points
- [Ludicrously long name goes here] Bunkei Hen <Brain Age: Humanities Collection> is... a subset of Brain Age games? I'm not sure myself

Dissidia: Final Fantasy reveals its last three(!) characters. Two of which being the (omigawd, wait for it, it's such a surprise) ever popular Cloud and Sephiroth, and the other being, a lot more improbably, is from FFXI (!); a Tarutaru(!) named Shantotto voiced by Megumi Hayashibara (!). I wish I could make this stuff up. Second link is the interesting bit.

Nobi Nobi BOY which I can only assume is related to Dr. Katamari, is coming to PSN soon, or something. Creeeepy.

The art for KimoKawaE is... creepy (there's no standard for head size), but all the same, I think the bright pastels in the screenshots look good for some reason.

Eternal Knights 2
seems to be some sort of arcade board game RPG (wow, none of those words fit together at all), and features guest appearances by Richter Belmont and Shanoa? Wow, they're really quick to whore out their female Castlevania hero. (Well, female Castlevania hero that people don't want to punch in the face, like Charlotte whatshername)

Kowarekake no Orgol, the doujin anime by has really cute character designs, which I guess is to be expected of POP.

Bemanisows has a torrent up of Naoyuki Sato (aka Nekomata Master) music, and it's really nice. I wonder if the new Elebits DS game has his work in it, I know they kept the artist. The game comes out 01/06 over here. I wonder if they have his music in the new Suikoden game too...
For some reason his Wiki page is immaculately detailed. He did music for Time Hollow? I should play that again if it weren't so straightforward.

EDIT: Some shots of Pikmin, for Wii. According to the box, this is part of the "Wii de Asobu Selection" <Play Wii Selection>, and the info bar at the bottom informs you that you can now "Play the GameCube game with the Wii Remote". Also, 480p display. I haven't played the original game, so I can't compare, but those of you who have, compare away!

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August 15th, 2008
03:16 am


中村豆千代 - カレ・カノ・カノン
Kare Kano Canon is a nice song from Taiko no Tatsujin 11/Taiko no Tatsujin DS 2. It's sort of like the amazing Swan Lake ~ Still a Duckling ~ song (ie, moe punk arrangment of a classical song), but with Pachelbel's Canon. I only found out about it today, but I'm rather hooked. Translation below, with original kanji taken from the Taiko blog. You can find someone kicking ass on the Oni Mode of this song here (and an even scarier video of someone doing it doubles here though you can't hear it as well) , and if you have a Nico account, an im@s video here.



ふしぎな メロディ
おどるよ コトノハ
やさしく おしえて

未来はほら テンポを上げてく(希望があふれる)

あー 恋してるの 世界中 花は咲き 歌は生まれ
あー 恋してるの わたし今 歌ってる 恋の歌

もいちど おしえて

音符がほら 導いてくれる(奇跡を奏でる)

待って 夢見てるみたい
トキメキは止まらない あー

あー 恋してるの ゆき違う 彼と彼女 今日は出会って
あー 恋してるの わたし今 見つめてる あなたを

あー 恋してるの 世界中 花は咲き 歌は生まれ
あー 恋してるの あなたもね 一目瞭然 恋して 恋してる

Kare Kano Kanon

Fushigi na melody
Odoru yo kotonoha
Yasashiku oshiete
Ha ni ho he to i ro ha

Heart no kodou no (takanari tomoaranai)
Metronome de (rhythm wa hane mawaru)
Mou sugu Hajimaru (mohaya machi kirenai)
Mirai wa hora tempo wo ageteku (kibou ga afureru)

Ah koishiteru no sekaijuu hana no saki uta wa umare
Ah koishiteru no watashi ima utatteru koi no uta

Mo ichido oshiete
Ha ni ho he to i ro ha

Yureru no kokoro no (viola mo timpani mo)
Orchestra kara (horn mo oboe mo)
Kitto kikoeru (piano mo utaidasu)
Onpu ga hora michibiite kureru (kiseki wo kanaderu)

Matte yumemiteru mitai
Tokimeki wa tomaranai ah

Ah koishiteru no yuki chigau kare to kanojou kyou wa deau
Ah koishiteru no watashi ima mitsumeteru anata wo

Ah koishiteru no sekaijuu hana wa saki uta wa umare
Ah koishiteru no anata mo ne ichimokuryouzen koishite koishiteru

His Her Canon
Singer: Nakamura Mamechiyo
Lyrics: Yasukawa Shougo
Composer: Johann Pachelbel
Arrangement: Okabe Keiichi

The mysterious melody
Words dance
Gently teaching
Do re mi fa so la ti do

My heart beat's (the beating won't stop)
Metronome (the rhythm jumps and spins)
Is starting soon (can't wait any longer)
Now, the future's tempo is speading up (overflowing with hope)

Ah, falling in love, flowers bloom everywhere, and a song is born
Ah, falling in love, and now I'm singing a love song

Once more teaching
Do re mi fa so la ti do

A trembling heart's (the viola, and timpani)
Orchestra can (and horn, and oboe)
Surely be heard (and piano, they sing)
Now, music notes guide the way (and play a miracle)

Wait, this feels like a dream
My fluttering heart won't stop, ah

Ah, falling in love, crossing paths, him and her meet now
Ah, falling in love, and now I've found you

Ah, falling in love, flowers bloom everywhere, and a song is born
Ah, falling in love, you too, huh, it's so obvious, falling in, falling in love

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July 23rd, 2008
04:16 pm


m-flo - Hands
   I've been listening to a LOT of m-flo recently, and there's a very diverse range of stuff that they do. One of my favourites, however, is Hands, which is one of their really early songs, from 2000. I decided to translate the lyrics because... well, I was curious. For whatever reason, this song is also on the Death Note Tribute Album, despite sounding NOTHING like what would come out of that series. The video is sorta cool, especially Verbal and his ridiculous dreads bouncing around. He looks like he's having so much fun

Composition: VERBAL, LISA, TAKU
Performed by: m-flo


あたたかいね 君のその手
肩にふれてよ とけるまで

A million years with you only seems like a day
(You know your love takes me away)
(Baby,won't you show me the way)

近くにいても 遠くにいても
何よりも感じたい その手を…


透き通ってス―っと 目覚めだす
心 体 let it all pass away

Lalala 月を夜空にかざって
(Baby,won't you steal me away)

近くにいても 遠くにいても
Baby can't you see かなえてほしい
何よりも感じたい その手を…


3ページ目開き Rorschach,blood,sweat and tears
I've spilled in the past 記憶逃亡
いつか一日が100万年のよう just listen
I be the paraclet mathematically 乱気流のような感情
手のひらの感触 シャンソンを弾奏
mellifluent verbiage で月面歩行
あの時あの場所の出来事が残したものは tangible
so 説明不用 for you I'd give an arm and a leg
電子メール from me predominantly
聞こえてくるはず my voice かすかに
この地球上 minus you,ain't got 果実
your whole style's like a 太陽
no denial,so 夢かなえよう
キャンタンカラス onslaught of 論争と方針
the most minimal,indivisible 分りきれない
you and I,that's the quotient

近くにいても 遠くにいても
Baby can't you see かなえてほしい
何よりも感じたい その手を…




Atatakai ne kimi no sono te
Kata ni furete yo tokeru made
Kotoba sae mo denaku naru yo
Yoake no sora ni tsurete-tte
Nagare ni soru fune no you ni
Watashi no kami ni toosu yubi
Shizuka na yume de owaru mae ni saratte yo
Kaze ni notte

A million years with you only seems like a day
(You know your love takes me away)
Yuuhi ga someru akai kumo wo nukete
(Baby, won't you show me the way)

Yume no owari ni ite hoshii
Chikaku ni itemo tooku ni itemo
PAZURU ga tokiakasareta hi
Nani yori mo kanjitai sono te wo

La la la la...

Watashi no te to kimi no te ga
Musubu you ni karamiaeba
Fushigi na jiyuu ga tomedonaku
Sukitootte SUU-tto mezamedasu
Kyou made kono te de yogoshita
Kokoro karada let it all pass away
Kieta tamashii no hi tomoshi ni
Kite hoshii to inoru bakari

La la la tsuki wo yozora ni kazatte
(Tomo ni nagamete you)
Namida bitashi no kono basho kara
(Baby, won't you steal me away)

Yume no owari ni ite hoshii
Chikaku ni itemo tooku ni itemo
Baby can't you see kanaete hoshii
Nani yori mo kanjitai sono te wo

La la la la...

San PEEJI me hiraki Rorschach, blood, sweat & tears
I've spilled in the past kioku toubou
Itsuka ichinichi ga hyakuman nen no you just listen
therefore ichibyou ga yaku 11 nen to hantoshi
I be the paraclete mathematically ran kiryuu no you na kanjou
Kakemeguru zanzou mo kesshite kureru
Te no hira no kanshoku SHANSON wo dansou
mellifluent verbiage de getsumen hokou

Ano toki ano basho no dekigoto ga nokoshita mono wa tangible
so setsumei fuyou for you, I'd give an arm and a leg
Denshi MEERU from me predominantly
Kikoete kuru hazu my voice kasuka ni
Kono chikyuu jou minus you, ain't got no kajitsu
your whole style's like a taiyou
no denial, so yume kanaeyou
KYANTAN KARASU onslaught of ronsou to houshin
the most minimal, indivisible wakari kirenai
you & I, that's the quotient

Yume no owari ni ite hoshii
Chikaku ni itemo tooku ni itemo
Baby can't you see kanaete hoshii
Nani yori mo kanjitai sono te wo

La la la la....



It's warm
   That hand of yours
Touch my shoulder
   Till it all melts away
Not a word needs to be said
Lead by the dawn sky
Flow like a curved boat
Run your fingers through my hair
Swept away past the end of a peaceful dream
Riding on the wind

A million years with you only seems like a day
   You know your love takes me away
The evening sun paints the clouds red
   Baby won't you show me the way

I want to go to the end of the dream
Even if it's near
   Even if it's far
One day I'll understand the puzzle
There's nothing I want more than to feel
   Those hands...

La la la la...

My hands and yours
Held together like they're bound
That strange freedom is endless
Fades away and poof! I wake up
Until today I've stained that hand
Heart, body, let it all pass away
A soul's faded flame at dusk
Only wants a single wish

La la la, the moon decorates the night sky
   Like they're gazing together
That place soaked with tears
   Baby won't you steal me away

I want to go to the end of the dream
Even if it's near
   Even if it's far
Baby can't you see, I want it to come true
There's nothing I want more than to feel
   Those hands...

Hey y'all, we got my man Taku
   Decomposing and recomposing instrumentals for your eardrums
And you heard the astronomically emphatic
   Songstress that got you shook off balance, Lisa
And I'm Verbal, the host for the night
   The unique flare of the dramatic, the master of ceremonies

La la la la...

It's an open 3 page Rorschach, blood sweat and tears [*2]
I've spilled in the past, memories escape
One far-off day feels like a million years, just listen
Therefore 1 second is about 11 and a half years
I be the paraclete[*3] mathematically; a turbulent feeling
Running around erasing all the afterimages
The feeling in the palm of your hand, performing a chanson[*4]
A moonwalk on mellifluent verbiage[*5]
What happened, at that time, atthat place, it lingered tangibly
So explainations are useless, for you I'd give an arm and a leg
E-mail from me, predominantly
If you hear my voice faintly
This earth, minus you, ain't got fruit
Your whole style's like a sun
No denial, so it seems the dream came true
Cantankerous onslaught of plans and disputes
The most minimal, indivisible can't be understood completely
You and I, that's the quotient
That's the quotient

I want to go to the end of the dream
Even if it's near
   Even if it's far
Baby can't you see, I want it to come true
There's nothing I want more than to feel
   Those hands...

La la la la...


Notes (oh god, Verbal, you and your words):
*1 This introduction bit is in the beginning of the single version, but I was more familiar with the album version at the time, so it's here. The single version is a tiny bit different, but doesn't sound as cool in my opinion. For some reason, the lyrics I found online didn't have the lyrics for this bit.
*2 A rorscharch refers to an inkblot test, generally thought to be done by dropping black paint on a piece of paper then folding it in half (in actuality there is a fixed set of Rorscharch images, which come in a variety of colours). Rorscharch tests are used to test perception and interpretation of abstract shapes and images. The rorscharch that Verbal talks about is made up of three pages (instead of the usual two, I guess), and was created with his blood, sweat, and tears instead of ink (ew).
*3 paraclete is one which comforts. Verbal is saying he comforts through the power of math (his logic is flawed though, Lisa says a million years feels like a day, but his statement makes the assumption that a day feels like a million years, and thus a second like eleven and a half years)
*4 a chanson is French for song, but in Japanese parlance, would refer to a French style song, like a slow cabaret song.
*5 mellifluent is an adjective meaning "sweet", and verbiage means "speech or writing with many unnecessary words". In other words, exactly what Verbal is doing.

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July 11th, 2008
12:11 pm


since I've been rapidly changing these lately, I figured I should put them up permanently. Enjoy


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July 10th, 2008
12:22 pm


Today was a bad day.

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June 25th, 2008
11:06 pm


絵描きさんに100のお題/100 subjects for artists
So, Cindy and I were thinking of doing the Art Grind which is a little bit silly because it's far far FAR too much work. But we still wanted to improve our skillzzz, so we started looking to other challenges (that one's pretty gothy and gay). Partway through, I suggested to her that we combine both the Art Grind idea, and this list that she found, and do 100 pictures of fixed theme all around the same character. She's choosing to do her character Shins and his related mythos, whereas I decided to create something from scratch I could work with, and ended up with Q-B.

So here's my 100 list. I didn't use the translation Cindy gave me, but took the time to read through the Japanese source material. There's a few (013 and 066 come to mind) in which the original Japanese demands interpretation, and the translation only gave one. So here's my list, and the translations are by no means final. I'll be linking photobucket until I get these up on DevArt, I guess?


001 - how bothersome
002 - G59
003 - insect
004 - danger
005 - black and white/monochrome
006 - impatience
007 - sealed door
008 - in the water
009 - light
010 - fingertip
011 - yell/howl/roar
012 - match/line up
013 - ninjitsu, patience
014 - wave (water)
015 - convenience store
016 - sand
017 - at the station
018 - electric schock, electrifying
019 - grass field, lawn
020 - 5:23 am
021 - no one at all
022 - headache
023 - radio
024 - don't run
025 - see my own eyes
026 - night market
027 - stars
028 - dictionary
029 - egg
030 - it's scary!
031 - armour
032 - song
033 - wings
034 - the alley's other side
035 - nostalgia
036 - hat store/hatter
037 - movie on the sofa
038 - ceiling
039 - the place in my dream
040 - town legend
041 - tube
042 - meal, rice
043 - download
044 - an illusion?
045 - the sky which I see through the window
046 - flashy/gaudy
047 - stop it!
048 - bathroom
049 - farewell
050 - hot!
051 - crash!
052 - phone
053 - bag
054 - ready? fight!
055 - no entry
056 - paradise
057 - alone
058 - water tank
059 - no hunting allowed
060 - muffler and gloves
061 - erotic/Eros
062 - Waaah so cute!
063 - clothespin
064 - school, after school
065 - tough out the hard check
066 - gamble/full speed
067 - king game
068 - bangs
069 - something fragile/broken
070 - because of the tragedy
071 - duct tape
072 - pocket
073 - how to escape the calendar
074 - super sensation
075 - motionless
076 - stop it stop it stop it!
077 - puppet/doll
078 - experiment crazy
079 - about to take off one's glasses
080 - demon
081 - blaze
082 - finally linked
083 - hole, vacancy, flaw
084 - shadow
085 - evening
086 - dog
087 - as if possessed/mad
088 - waiting in vain
089 - invisible
090 - machine
091 - clown
092 - 5th date
093 - medicine
094 - black suit
095 - skill/bone
096 - sweet/naieve
097 - break the mirror
098 - a dream of childhood
099 - what?
100 - the day it all ends

wish me luck!

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